A Radiation Hardened Reconfigurable FPGA

S. Ramaswamy, L. Rockett, D. Patel, S. Danziger, R. Manohar, C. Kelly, J. Holt, V. Ekanayake, D. Elftmann

A new high density, high performance radiation hardened, reconfigurable Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is being developed by Achronix Semiconductor and BAE Systems for use in space and other radiation hardened applications.12 The reconfigurable FPGA fabric architecture utilizes Achronix Semiconductor novel picoPIPE technology and it is being manufactured at BAE Systems using their strategically radiation hardened 150 nm epitaxial bulk CMOS technology, called RH15. Circuits built in RH15 consistently demonstrate megarad total dose hardness and the picoPIPE asynchronous technology has been adapted for use in space with a Redundancy Voting Circuit (RVC) methodology to protect the user circuits from single event effects.